Coworking space in Graça

Quick info for newcomers.

Thanks for booking with us

We will (or already have) send(t) you an entry code for the main cowork door.


Now, if you are at the door (street/outside hours) you will need a key-fob that can be found in the little safe outside (see picture) you need to send a WhatsApp so we can give you the code to open it (it changes often) – use the key-fob and place it back in the safe (don’t forget to re-scramble the numbers after closing it)


Once in the Building, go to 6th floor (actually 1 down), to get in,



1- press the keyboard until numbers show.


2- Enter the code received followed by the “hash” key (#),


if you have not received the access code, please send us a WhatsApp message


Take a seat in the lounge (high tables) or open space (regular desks) depending on what you booked.

The WiFi password is displayed on several black boards in the cowork space (SSID being lisbon-cowork)

Once you are in, you will have passed the kitchen where you can find a big fridge where you can leave your stuff, there is a ground coffee machine (button to turn on is on its right side)  as well as capsules, feel free to use. There is also a boiler and tea sacks (big box). Mugs & cups are quite visible, you can use the microwave of course. Cutlery etc… are all easy to find.

Meeting rooms & Sauna are to be booked online before use.

The phone booths are the large wooden doors at the b ackof the open space, please use them for free, just ensure you don’t overuse them as others may need them too (rule of thumb, 15 minutes if the place is busy). There are two of them with a tablet for skype calls (both extremities left/right) then two which are basic booths, and the middle one is a micro meeting room (for 2) it’s free as well. No booking required.

Overall, we accept that calls are made from your desk for as long as you do not disturb the other co-workers, we trust you will pay attention to keeping your voice low, if your voice is loud, you can also make calls in the entrance hall or even in the hallway outside.

Bathrooms are accessed from the entrance hall and there is another set of them outside (turn right when exiting the main door of the cowork), there is a shower too.

To Exit, press the “EXIT” button. Simple no ? (but push the door, it’s not automatic !!)

If you are leaving the place last, please turn the lights off (big white button near exit button) upon departure, but DON’T USE IT DURING THE DAY !! (whoever turns the lights off during the day buys drinks !!)

Please don’t change the AC settings.

For those who have 24/7 or late access, there are a few things I need to explain to ensure your re-entry after 19h. we’ll discuss that together once you arrive at the cowork.

The terrace is accessible by exiting (street level) then to the left – past the pyramid – there is a large white door that opens with a fob key (on my desk, please return them after use). You have to take the stairs all the way down and open the next door with the same fob key. There are some sun chairs available, you will find them next to the wall on your left. There are a few others by the cowork’s entrance door.

The Wifi on the terrace is called “lisbon-cowork-outdoor”

the password is the same as inside.

Feel free to use our nice neighbors (Allis Lab, jewlery school) umbrellas too, but put everything back in place when you leave.

You can also use the terrace near the “pyramid”, to that effect, you may take some sun chairs that are near the entrance door (please, as always, bring them back), there is another WiFi there (“lisbon-cowork-street” / same password as inside).

Would you notice anything that appears unusual or find any difficulties, please whatsapp me (message or call depending on urgency)

I hope you will like the place and find it perfect for your work needs.

On a more “official” note, please note that there are cameras in the space, full details of operation are explained on the website.

We also need to have details of each person that enters for security/insurance reason, so, If you have added guests (“participant”) in your booking, please send us a whatsapp with his/her name, email, phone.


Gonzague, your host