Coworking space in Graça

Welcome !

The Most Convivial Co-Working Space In Lisbon.

Discover Our Unique Atmosphere.

Lisbon-Cowork is more than just a coworking space,

It's an experience.

In the heart of the old Graça district, Lisbon-Cowork is the ideal place to work and mingle with digital nomads and professionals from all over the world.

The place paves the way for a friendly and unforgettable work experience.

We love plants & art

Pet Friendly

To make everyone entering the cowork feel at home and find their atmosphere.

Studious Atmosphere... but not only

Lisbon-Cowork offers what is really necessary & allows each and every one to select additional services.

For Gonzague, your host, it's important to work in an optimal environment.

Nothing is left to chance.

Plants, a piano for afterwork, a space to relax and meet colleagues, a sauna (!), not to mention a terrace overlooking the Tagus and Panteao National.

For eating out, you're just a stone's throw from the lively Graça district, where you'll find all the restaurants and cuisines you want, at very affordable prices.

Lisbon-Cowork is considered as the most convivial working space in Lisbon. It’s not a coincidence. 

Wonderfully located

In the heart of Lisbon's historic center in Graça.

Overlooking the Tagus and close to the Castelo Sao Jorge, Feria Da Ladra and the Panteao

The Perfect Set-Up For An Optimal Work

Five phone booths (one Double) where you can place your phone or video calls in order to preserve your coworkers quietness.

For those who need to concentrate, the Quiet rule is perfect.In the desks rooms, low voice conversations are allowed. there are other areas for informal talks

And because wellness at work helps working better, you've got a sauna, showers, a beautiful terrace overlooking the Tagus and a Piano for afterworks sessions!!

with 200 channels. Sound system - Air Conditioning / Heating

Where To Find Us

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