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What is CoWorking Space and List of Basic Features to Expect from CoWorking Space

Planning for a startup with your friend? But want to look cool just like in movies or TV shows? But it is also true that you can’t spend the whole day sitting in a café without ordering coffee. Coworking spaces are a great deal you can go for. They are changing the market and supporting people towards their dreams. So, as our part, we are providing this post to support your dreams and to know what is coworking space? benefits of coworking space, etc.

What is Coworking Space?
Benefits of Coworking Space
Basic Features to Look For
Coworking Space Facilities
Prices of Coworking Space
CoWorking Space as Business Opportunity

What is Coworking Space?

Coworking space is a business for some people and a home to many startups. It is a place where people can get some space to work on their projects. When you don’t have a good environment at home to work or a safe place to discuss your startup idea, they will be helpful.

You can get a membership and spend your whole day working on your desk. You can even get some space just for one day. Many coworking spaces provide separate cabins. If you think you need a private space, then you can get it in exchange for some more bucks. You can also do some business meetings there if your coworking space allows you to. Almost all the main cities have coworking spaces these days. However, you should choose wisely, considering your budget and your aim.

“The complaints about working from home have always been, number one, loneliness, and number two, productivity. Corporations are realizing that, if they want their remote workers to be productive and happy, they need to let them work.”

–Steve King, Emergent Research, for Shareable

Benefits of Coworking Space

Coworking Space

  • Networking

You are not the only one who will use a coworking space. There will be many other people around you. That is why it is called a “co-working” space. Hence, you will meet many new people and you can even collaborate with them.

  • Affordable

If you are thinking of setting up your own office for your startup then think again. Setting up an office will require space, furniture, and some other basic facilities. This will cost too much. Even if you pay for your team members too in a coworking space, it will still cost much less than setting up an office. If you are in your initial days, go for coworking space, then set up an office when you start making a good profit.

  • Atmosphere

Coworking spaces have a great atmosphere for working. It is because of the fact that most of the people around you will be energetic and motivated, which will eventually motivate you too. So, by seeing others working hard, you will also feel working hard, instead of “hard-working”.

Meeting Room: Most of the spaces have a dedicated meeting room with video conference facilities. As a freelancer, you don’t need this facility, but it might save your butt if you have a startup.

  • Wifi

Every place offers free wifi these days, and startups and freelancing are all about the internet. Then how can they lack this? You don’t have to worry about your data while working and you can focus on your work.

  • Flexibility

If you are a frequent traveler, then coworking spaces might attract you. You can easily go to any space and do your work when you are in a different city. You don’t have to worry about having an office in other cities. And most of the cities have coworking spaces these days. You might not find your “perfect” space, but they will be definitely better than your hotel room for work.

  • For Companies

Do you own a company but don’t have much space in your office to get more employees? Just get a membership for some employees who can work outside of the office. This will be better than setting up another office for just a handful of people.

Basic Features to Look For

Coworking Space Features

If you have decided to go for some co-working space, then the following are some coworking space features you can expect to get from any good coworking space.

  • Location

If you commute through the bus and other public vehicles, then look for a space near the bus stand. Or just look for a coworking space near your house. Moreover, look for space that will be easy to find for your clients. And it should also have a good parking facility

  • Security

The coworking space you choose should have a proper arrangement of security. At least, the place should have a guard. However, it is obvious these days, but still, take a look if they have security cameras in that place or not. You may need them someday.

  • Equipment

You might not need a printer or scanner in your profession, but you might need it so badly someday. So make sure they have a printer, scanner, and other office equipment.

  • Noise

Do you like to work with some rocking songs in the background, or do songs distract you? Notice the sound they have in their space. You can ask for it from their manager too if they have another space with a noise-free environment or white noise in the background.

  • Wifi

The Most important feature to look for. Check their wifi speed. Not just download speed, but for upload speed too. Also, check if your mobile signal is working properly in that area or not.

  • Amenities

Check out the bathrooms of that a space. Don’t go to space which doesn’t have good bathrooms. Bathrooms affect your health directly. Also, check if they have a canteen or kitchen. Moreover, check their coffee machine because coffee is the most important thing to do your work.

  • Meeting Rooms

Already discussed them above. So, you know how important they are for you in a coworking space. Check the facilities they provide in the meeting room. The most important thing to look for in a meeting room is a projector or a LED TV and the number of seats they have in there.

  • Culture

Every shared office space has its own culture. It’s always good to work around like-minded people. Your surroundings play a huge part in the level of productivity, so finding a space that caters to working style and preferences is crucial.

You can ask about these facilities directly to them or just spend a day there. Ask if they give a free demo of their space or not. If not, then get a subscription for just one day.

Coworking Space Facilities

  • High-speed internet so you can sit back and get through your daily activities.
  • Dynamic business lounge for organizing business meetings and for your personal time.
  • Round the clock camera surveillance for better security and immunity to loss of items.
  • Individual storage units with locks to protect your gadgets and personal documents.
  • Save electricity so that even one second of your work schedule is not wasted.
  • Ergonomic swivel chairs that give you a healthy sitting position and allow you to work efficiently with comfort.
  • Several plug-in ports to connect all your gadgets and equipment.

Prices of Coworking Space

The prices of coworking space vary according to cities or areas. In some small cities, it will be much more expensive than in other big cities. However, you can expect a price tag of Rs. 5000 per month on average, for a good coworking space. But I would still advise you to ask your space directly. It can be less or more.

CoWorking Space as Business Opportunity

If there is a problem, there is a business! So, you can also earn a lot by providing a co-working space in your city. However, you will need a good amount of investment for the place and its furnishing. If you have an abandoned building, then invest some money and create a passive income stream.

Coworking space will be a great option to go for if you are a freelancer or a startup. You cannot rely on the public library or cafes for your work. And you definitely cannot work all day home. So go to some coworking space and socialize with some new people. You might get a chance to work for a startup as a partner.


What is coworking spaces?

Coworking space meaning- Coworking space is a business for some people and a home to many startups. It is a place where people can get some space to work on their projects. When you don’t have a good environment at home to work or a safe place to discuss your startup idea, they will be helpful.

How does a coworking space work?

Coworking space is a business service provision model that lets individuals and teams work independently or collaboratively in a shared office space. Even though it’s a shared office space, a coworking space provides an environment that simulates the environment found in an established venture.

Are coworking spaces worth it?

A coworking space is an extra cost, however, if you become more productive you will very likely have a lot more money in the bank to invest in your career.

Some of the reasons for the growing popularity of coworking places include: They offer a professional setup for your business providing you with a really nice place to meet your clients rather than “that random corner of a coffee shop”. They help you in networking with the related people in your field.


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